speech by the Manager at triconatura, Luigi Albertengo

triconatura studies offer definitive solutions to combat baldness and hair loss


Thinning hair? Receding hairlines that change the expression on your face? Incipient baldness?
In the past, there were no remedies for these conditions, and those affected had to resign to the problem and hope that the situation wouldn't deteriorate further. Nowadays, scientific research has changed the face of society and daily life and also provides solutions for these issues that can have a negative impact on your quality of life. Our appearance, and how we present ourselves at work and in our social life are important elements, sometimes even impacting on our success, and although very short hair that hides baldness has become fashionable for men, it is a stopgap, inadequate way to resolve the problem.

A solution exists at the Triconatura studio in Cuneo, via Gallo 9 and in Turin, Corso Ferrucci, 87 and two information points in Alessandria and Alba, which deal with the situation precisely "from the root".

The Manager, Luigi Albertengo explains: "Our studios offer a range of treatments both hair loss prevention and restoration of damaged hair which has been ruined by styling or exposure to heat or sunlight, as well as hair thickening treatments. In the first case, we start by analyzing the hair on site. Then, once we have located the damage, we propose the most appropriate treatment for reconstruction, using all-natural products to make the client's hair beautiful and healthy". He adds: "In the second case, with hair thickening, we start a gradual process, partly because we always recommend progressive treatment that avoids excessively radical aesthetic change. We can ensure that the results achieved are for life ".

The system proposed by Triconatura can solve cases of alopecia from sunburn, caused by mechanical accidents, androgenetic alopecia (inherited alopecia), aerated alopecia (patchy, particularly unsightly) that derive mostly from physical causes, and baldness caused by chemotherapy treatments. Albertengo continues: "Each case must be assessed individually. We offer everyone who comes to our studios an in-depth analysis of their situation and of their hair and then a free quote both in terms of time and spending.".

The new hair, totally natural ,is repositioned when it is very short and then it begins its life like the others: growing at the same pace, keeping the same colour and then it becomes grey, just like people who keep their head of hair without thickening. They do not require special care, nor do they need to be treated with special precautions. Before starting the hair thickening, a hair sample is taken, we study its features, so as to use perfectly appropriate hair which corresponds to the lost hair. Triconatura studios treat both men and women, who have seen an increase of 25 per cent in cases of alopecia in recent years, mainly due to stress.

the stories of clients who have turned to triconatura and have solved their hair problems


Currently, our customer base has stabilised at around eighty percent men, mostly between thirty and forty years of age, and twenty percent women who still experience the problem much more dramatically because, - Albertengo explains - for them, having a nice head of hair is socially required much more than for men, who instead use hair thickening mainly as a predominantly aesthetic factor.

There are countless stories that reveal a universe that is sometimes ignored until it touches or strikes us through some acquaintance. A 30-year-old turned to Triconatura encouraged by her husband, who was worried about the state of depression his wife was progressively falling into: she stopped wearing make-up, she didn't go out, in short, she had lost her will to live. The cause? Progressive hair loss did not allow her to have a hairstyle, making her unpresentable. A few months of hair thickening treatment were enough to put a smile back on her face: Often baldness has dramatic effects in the workplace. A testimony comes from the case of a "Granda" trade representative, young, bright and handsome, and affected by total hair loss. His relationships at work had gotten progressively worse because he had the feeling that during interviews, his interlocutors were constantly observing his head. Probably this was true only in part, but in a short time he had become so obsessed that he was thinking of leaving the profession. In this case as well, Triconatura solved the problem, giving the man his self-confidence back.

The youngest of Triconatura's patients was a girl, only 19 years old, from Aosta.
Albertengo says: "She worked in a cafe and, due to extensive baldness, she was increasingly uncomfortable with the clientele, to the point that she seriously thought about giving up her job. Hair thickening solved her problem and made it possible for her to rediscover the pleasure of being among people, she now has long curly hair".
Especially in the case of women, the process often begins with attempts to mask the problem: trying to correct and hide "gaps" using hairpieces, hoping hair will go back to growing on its own, then when they notice that the situation is steadily getting worse, discomfort and sometimes even panic sets in: the mirror becomes an enemy to escape from. Thanks to new progressive hair thickening, you can counteract the problem without suffering a "loss of image" which is the psychological damage resulting from alopecia, from which sufferers do not recover immediately.
Triconatura has been operating since 1988 and has over fifteen years of experience. The company has gradually expanded, in 1993 and 2000 it took over Capilfarm and Dermokapil respectively, two businesses operating in this delicate sector. Today the demand for treatment is growing strongly, both in terms of prevention and for hair thickening. But it is the first line of action, prevention, which we need to focus on because, as with many other types of aesthetic problems, undertaking appropriate intervention strategies as soon as there is any evidence or even just suspicion that there might be a problem, can be a great help to a fully satisfactory solution.

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