triconatura prostheses, natural and light hair

Choose prosthetic implants with real hair, easy to comb and invisible hairlines


Nowadays choosing a prosthetic implant for your hair is no longer a problem as it was years ago, and this is thanks to the quality of Triconatura prostheses. Thanks to the care our studio puts into its work, we can offer prostheses with natural hair and invisible frontal hairlines, which are ultra-lightweight and extremely easy to comb.


Triconatura prostheses will give you absolutely natural-looking hair, which can be dyed, styled, permed, or anything you can do to normal hair. The prostheses we propose will be made to measure after a careful study where we will take a skull impression and hair sampling, so you will get a perfectly adherent result.


We would like to alert you that unfortunately, nowadays in most cases, after delicate operations, some treatments (radiotherapy, chemotherapy) can cause hair loss. The Triconatura Capilfarm studios can give you back your hair, either using real or fibre hair.
All you have to do is call one of our studios and book a no-obligation appointment. During your appointment we will take note of the colour and morphology of your hair and your head measurements.
Prostheses from the Triconatura Capilfarm studios are built on very lightweight and hypoallergenic tulle, and are transparent. Thanks to their great look, they are currently are the most widely sold in Piedmont.

Choose to get results you can reply on with a Triconatura prosthesis. Put the spring back into your step with a natural-looking, thick and healthy head of hair. Call us now on our toll-free number 800 011505 to find out more.


Unfortunately today in most cases, after delicate operations, there is a chance that some treatments (RADIOTHERAPY, CHEMO, Etc ..) may cause hair loss. TRICONATURA CAPILFARM laboratories can reproduce the hair of the person affected, both with real hair and fibre hair.
All the Patient needs to do is call one of our studios and make an appointment without commitment, in order to provide the colour, morphology and skull size of the person.
Made on very light, hypoallergenic and transparent tulle, with a visually pleasing effect, they are now the most sold in Piedmont, that is why TRICONATURA CAPILFARM laboratories have been supplying INAIL with hair prostheses for accidents or rare diseases since 1996.


You can also order a prosthesis online: download the form and fill in all of the fields, specifying your hair description: density, colour, length, morphology. How to take the impression:

scalp coverage

1) cover the scalp with a plastic sheet (cling film) or any similar sheet.

taking an impression for prostheses

2) draw with a marker a line of the bald area.

request a prosthesis

3)Apply 3 or 4 layers of tape on the plastic sheet to maintain the shape. This way, we will obtain the convexity and concavity of the head.


hair samples

4)Indicate the model of prosthesis and take a sample of hair.

5) Using scissors, cut out the impression you have made.
Send it off by fax, using the form, by email or call (within Italy) 800 011 505 (laboratory opening hours from 9 am to 7 pm), you can also use this number for your online quote via email.



We have solutions for genetic baldness, caused by accidents and alopecia areata (also for women).
Prosthetic systems for hospital use (e.g. chemo).
Rediscover your look: the prosthesis can be cut by your hairdresser just like your own hair.

hair thickening


Thanks to the flexibility of this method, the hair transplant can solve all cases of androgenetic baldness and some cases caused by burns or trauma.
Androgenetic baldness is the most common type; it is predominant among men, but can also affect women, although to a lesser extent.
This is because of factors of gender, genetics and male hormones, which all combine to make the "geographical maps of the affected areas" illustrated by the famous images of Dr. Hamilton.



For all types of treatment or for natural hair thickening, we offer a written guarantee, where there is no specific problem for the subject in question.


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