specific treatments for hair health

at triconatura we offer treatments with ozone therapy, oxygen therapy, and high frequency

personalised treatments

When it comes to treating your hair rely exclusively on professionals, like Triconatura, ignore the advice of anyone who is not specialised in the field, which could lead to even more serious problems than the initial situation. By contacting our staff, you can book a first trichological visit where we will get a full understanding of the problem, and subsequently, find a customised solution.

Triconatura offers treatments with exclusive and patented formulas, which act directly at the follicular level to block the degenerative skin condition. We offer specific treatments, such as:

  • ozone therapy
  • oxygen therapy
  • high frequency


Get the results you expect with our specific treatments that can revive your hair: contact Triconatura on our toll-free number 800 011505 and book your first trichological checkup visit.

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