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To contact the Triconatura studio, simply fill out the form on this page: leave us your details and tell us your situation, our staff will be at your complete disposal to offer all the best and most effective solutions to suit your needs.

Triconatura has three locations:

  • In Cuneo, at Via Gallo 9 - Phone 0171 692524
  • In Turin, at Corso Ferrucci 87 - Phone 011 4474129
  • In Alessandria, at Via Righi 5- 800 011 505

You can also contact us by calling our toll-free number 800 011505 or our other dedicated numbers 0171 692524, 011 4474129 and 348 7105908. Alternatively, you can send us an email at

When it comes to hair care, do not take risks, trust our professionals with years of study and experimentation who can offer a broad range of solutions, all extremely valid, to restore shine to your head with a new and natural head of hair.

Corso Ferrucci 87
Torino (to) , 10138 Italia
011 4474129 - 800 011505


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